Partnerships with NGOs in Male’

In recent years AFT has developed partnerships with NGOs working for different causes that are of high importance to the nation’s development. Most of these NGOs are based in Male’ but their outreach often expands throughout the country. The biggest obstacle faced by these NGOs is the availability of funds to carry out their activities.

Hence, in 2013, AFTF decided to incorporate ’Strengthening Partnership with NGOs’ as a focus area. To reduce the interruption and influence to these NGOs administration, we plan to act as a donor rather than an implementer for those programs.

Under this program we started with the assistance to Journey NGO in 2013.

  1. Journey NGO – Drop-in Center 2013
  2. Journey NGO – Drop-in Center 2014
  3. Society for Health Education – TOT for Guide Leaders to Prevent Bullying 2014
  4. Care Society – Care Development Centre Social Development Camp 2014


Drop-in Centre of Journey NGO

Journey is an NGO formed in 2005 based in Male’ working with the
government and other non-governmental organizations with a mission to
help and support drug users to recover from diseases of addiction and
educate the community on drugs and HIV. As well as educating the youth
to deviate from experimenting the drugs and stray away from engaging in
risky behaviour associated with HIV.

The project proposal was submitted by Journey along with a presentation
to the AFTF executive board requesting to fund the Drop-In centre of
Journey. After discussion AFTF board decided to fund the centre for the
year 2013.

Project Status: All activities of the drop-in centre were carried out throughout the year
based on a work plan laid by Journey. The services provided in the Dropin
Centre includes, individual counselling, motivational counselling,
voluntary counselling and testing for HIV, client motivational activities,
parents and spouse education, peer counselling sessions, IEC materials
distribution and out-reach activities which comprises of crisis
intervention, brief interventions and accompanied referrals. During the
year, the total number of clients requested and assisted with different
programs named above adds up to 15,927.


Care Society

AFTF became a corporate member of Care Society in October 2012 and
have been making monthly donations of MVR 2000.00. Care Society is
committed to improvements in the lives of people with disabilities. In
collaboration with families and in partnership with government and nongovernment
organizations, Care Society promotes practices and public
policies that support the total integration of people with disabilities into
society; promote access to education, training and employment for
people with disabilities; raise community awareness to encourage
equality and fairness for people with disabilities; encourage health
service providers to intervene early in the lives of children and adults
with disabilities; and ensure people with disabilities are valued as

Project Status: Contract was signed for a year and is to be renewed yearly.