Who We Are


Ali FulhuThuthu Foundation (AFTF) is a Maldivian charity organization founded on 23rd of November 2000 in memory of late Moosa Ali (Ali FulhuThuthu). AFTF was initiated by granddaughter, Ms. Karin Fathimath Afeef together with family; Late Ms. Khadheeja Moosa Late Mr. Abdul Sattar Moosa, Late Mr. Ahmed Moosa, Mr. Mohamed Moosa and Mr. Hussain Afeef.

The foundation was formed with the aim of providing equal opportunities for Maldivian citizens to build a productive generation. With this aim, AFTF has been funding several study abroad scholarships through the international organization “United World College” since its formation.

Year by year, after listening to the public needs, we have expanded our areas of assistance to include community development. From2009 onwards the foundation started working with the local communities across the country, assisting in their social development projects. As we believe that such social development needs should arise from the grassroot level, our community projects are open to all and any area that the community feels the need to.

With another addition to our chain of assistance, in 2013 through the introduction of partnering with other NGO’s program, we have started assisting NGO’s address some of the major social issues in the nation. To name a few of these are, illegal usage of drugs and substance abuse, providing appropriate care and education for disabled children and increasing awareness on health and well-being in schools and in general public.

We are determined to continue our assistance on improving the quality of life for people in Maldives through community participation and local initiatives.



Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people in Maldives through community participation and local initiatives.

In this manner, our approach towards community development starts from the grassroot level. Before we start any project our team identifies the community needs through field visits and discussions with the respective representatives from the community. We then let them design and propose the project according to what the community feels most in need. However, much guidance and monitoring is done from the foundation after the project proposal is approved and in implementation. With our experience, we have found out that this method is most effective in carrying out community development projects.



Our executive board comprises of 4 members, including the President, Activities Coordinator, Financial Coordinator and the Secretary. The executive board plays an active role in decision making, formation of policies and guiding the team in managing and coordinating the donations.

Mr. Hussain Afeef

Ms. Karin Fathimath Afeef
Activities Coordinator

Mr. Mohamed Moosa
Financial Coordinator

Ms. Sarah Afeef



Our team at AFT Foundation office comprises of 3 staffs, including a Programme Manager, Financial Controller and a Procurement and Logistics Officer.
The team is responsible for managing and coordinating all the activities and projects of the foundation with the guidance of the executive board members. A brief summary of the activities by each members of the team are given below;

Asima Luthfee – Programme Manager
Asima is responsible for the overall management of the projects funded by the foundation. It is within the responsibilities to formulate the policies of the foundation and propose annual program and budget to the executive board. With her guidance the programme Coordinator and Procurement and logistics officer will assist the projects in the implementation.

Sunil Balakrishnan – Financial Controller
Handles accounts and financial matters of the Foundation.

Mouthamid Rasheed – Procurement and Logistics Officer
With the guidance and assistance from the program manager, Mouthamid will be coordinating the implementations of the projects by arranging all the procurement and logistics of items donated by the foundation.