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AFTF Grant Awarding to National NGOs

NGO Grants Ceremony

A small ceremony was held at Champa Central Hotel to award grants to 7 prominent NGOs in the country. These 7 NGOs are, UWC Maldives, Care Soceity, Cancer Society of Maldives, Journey, Society for Health Education, Maldives Autism Association & Maldivian Red Crescent. AFTF have been funding national NGOs since 2012 and under the program AFTF will be funding 3.3 million MVR to the NGOs this year. The funds would be used in providing scholarships, drug rehabilitation & HIV prevention,

L. Fonadhoo – Creative Handicraft and Lacquerware Course

L. Fonadhoo - Handicraft and Lacquer Works (20)

As tourism is being introduced in the southern area of Maldives and to the area where L. Fonadhoo belongs, developing traditional souvenir items has helped to generate income of local communities. Unfortunately, due to lack of facilities and expertise instructions this kind of works has being disappearing since years in the island. In the aim to build up an effective work force and also to provide employment for the young generation and to enable ways to generate income for the

VTC in carpentry for 10th grade students of Th.Vilufushee School

Th. Vilufushi - Hunaru Program

Level 3 certificate course in carpentry started in April and is on-going in Thaa Atoll Vilufushee School with the funding from AFTF. This project was submitted by the Parent Teachers Association of Th. Atoll Vilufushee School. 15 students of 10th grade are taking part in the course. All equipment and machineries required for the course is donated by AFTF and the instructor is conducting the course free of charge. This is the first batch of the course. The course module

Basic sewing course for women in B. Dharavandhoo

B. Dharavandhoo - Basic sewing course for women

‘Dharavandhoo Development Cooperative Society’ designed this program to improve the skills of women to facilitate them to earn and income while at home. The course was conducted from 9th – 27th June 2013, with the help from and instructor from Male’. The course was attended by 18 participants and certificates were given to all participants at the end of the training. At the certificate giving ceremony, a fashion show along with a display of the dresses were held open to