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Hydroponics Course – B. Hithaadhoo

‘Hithaadhoo Island Development Association (HIDA)’ aimed at creating and income source for unemployed women by providing hydroponics systems and trainings them to use. When the items were delivered to the island on 16th June 2013, an implementing committee was formed with Women Development Committee and HIDA NGO. On consultancy from AGRO Services, hydroponics training was carried out for the women. After completion of the training, the systems have been handed over to a women group to carry out the work.

Hydroponics Course – Gdh. Nadella

The proposal was put forward by NIDS NGO and it was for a Hydroponics Course targeted towards youth and the island community in general. Course began on 10 April 2010 and went on till 15 May 2010. The purpose of the course is to teach cultivating fruits and vegetables using hydroponics. A total of approximately 30 youth participated in this course and upon completion of the course this was broadcast on national news as well. The NGO stated that this