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AFTF Grant Awarding to National NGOs

NGO Grants Ceremony

A small ceremony was held at Champa Central Hotel to award grants to 7 prominent NGOs in the country. These 7 NGOs are, UWC Maldives, Care Soceity, Cancer Society of Maldives, Journey, Society for Health Education, Maldives Autism Association & Maldivian Red Crescent. AFTF have been funding national NGOs since 2012 and under the program AFTF will be funding 3.3 million MVR to the NGOs this year. The funds would be used in providing scholarships, drug rehabilitation & HIV prevention,

Construction of NGO Office – Laamu Mundoo

Mundoo - Construction of NGO Office (51)

This project was proposed by the NGO, Mundoo Zuvaanunge Jamiyya (MZJ) of Laamu Mundoo. The NGO was facing a lot of difficulties as they did not have any office. Though the NGO was registered in 2003, they were not able to acquire an office due to funding issues. AFTF provided the necessary items for the construction of an office for MZJ. All work was carried out by a contractor hired by the NGO. Work began with delivery of items donated

AFTF Receives Disability Award

Disability Award

AFT Foundation has been awarded the Disability Award. The award was given on 25th September 2016, on an event held at the Ministry of Gender & Family. Since 2000, AFT Foundation have been assisting the community in various ways. One of the most notable among which is the assistance given to people with special needs. AFTF have made it their utmost responsibility to help the people with special needs. As a result, through the partnering with NGOs Program, AFTF have

Donation to Care Society

Ali FulhuThuthu Foundation is registered at Care Society as a Corporate Donor. We have been making monthly donations to Care Society effective from September 2012. Care Society is a Non-governmental organization registered in the Maldives in 1998 to cater to the most vulnerable groups, though initially the first five years of the organization’s activities focused mainly on promoting the rights of people with disabilities. However, during this period Care Society also actively participated in National level forums, meetings and other

Supporting the noble cause of Journey

Our foundation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Journey on 22nd January 2013to support the services provided by their Drop-In Center, as a one year project. Looking into the presentation and proposition of all the activities of Journey, the Executive Committee of AFTF felt that it is important to encourage, support this cause in particular since the local need for services in this field is escalating with every day.Based on the current social issues faced by the community