Capacity Building of WDCs on SDG and Gender Equality

Project awarding letter was signed by Ali Fulhu Thuthu Foundation  (AFTF) and Hope for Women (HFW) today at a small function held at AFTF. AFTF will be supporting HFW to conduct capacity building workshops for WDCs in Vaavu Atoll and Shaviyani Atoll.  The workshops will focus on building the capacity of women in areas of gender, women’s rights, political participation, good governance and leadership.

The specific objectives of the project will be to educate women community leaders on gender, SDGs and their relationship with each other and to build partnership among women community leaders and encourage peer learning.

HFW highlighted that they have observed limited knowledge among WDCs on governance, international human rights and development instruments and their significance at the local level, especially from gender perspective. We believe that these training will help develop empowered women who will step forward to enhance their status in their respective communities.HFW