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Official Handover of Hdh. Hanimaadhoo Mosque

Hanimaadhoo Mosque 10 (24)10

Masjidh Moosa Ali with capacity of 700 people was officially handed over to the Secretariat of Hdh. Hanimaadhoo Council today, 1st September 2017. This function was held at the football grounds of Hdh. Hanimadhoo after the Eid Prayers held at Masjidh Moosa Ali. Visiting officials of Ali Fulhu Thuthu Foundation participated in the Eid Prayers. The handover document was signed by Mr. Abdulla Saleem Abdul Sattar on behalf of Ali Fulhu Thuththu Foundation. Mr. Abdul Salaam Ali, the president of

Agreement signing with Altec Maldives for construction of water and sewerage system in Ha. Thuraakunu


Signing of agreements with Ali Fulhu Thuthu Foundation and Altec Maldives (Pvt) Ltd for the proposed water and sewerage system in Ha. Thuraakunu. This is a donation for the people of Ha. Thuraakunu from AFTF. Member of Parliament of Hoarafushi constituency Honorable Mohamed Ismail, President of Ha. Thuraakunu Council Mr. Ali Abdul Latheef and some members of Thuraakunu Council were present at the small ceremony held today in Meeru Island Resort and Spa.

About AFT Foundation


Ali FulhuThuthu Foundation (AFTF) is a Maldivian charity organization founded on 23rd of November 2000 in memory of late Moosa Ali (Ali FulhuThuthu). AFTF was initiated by granddaughter, Ms. Karin Fathimath Afeef together with family; Ms. KhadheejaMoosa Mr. Abdul Sattar Moosa, Mr. Ahmed Moosa, Mr. Mohamed Moosa and Mr. Hussain Afeef. The foundation was formed with the aim of providing equal opportunities for Maldivian citizens to build a productive generation. With this aim, AFTF has been funding several study abroad

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