AFTF Grant Awarding to National NGOs

A small ceremony was held at Champa Central Hotel to award grants to 7 prominent NGOs in the country. These 7 NGOs are, UWC Maldives, Care Soceity, Cancer Society of Maldives, Journey, Society for Health Education, Maldives Autism Association & Maldivian Red Crescent.

AFTF have been funding national NGOs since 2012 and under the program AFTF will be funding 3.3 million MVR to the NGOs this year. The funds would be used in providing scholarships, drug rehabilitation & HIV prevention, a clinic for the disabled and an interactive learning environment for children with autism. Furthermore this program will aid to, train health officials from schools about cancer, provide flood mitigation pumps and a pump station would be built in HDh. Nolhivaran.


NGO Grants Ceremony 2 NGO Grants Ceremony 3 NGO Grants Ceremony 4 NGO Grants Ceremony