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L. Dhanbidhoo – Digitalizing School

L Dhanbidhoo - Digitalizing School (5)e

  This project was implemented by Dhanbidhoo School PTA. The School proposed this project with ongoing demand for digitalizing the schools all around the country. AFTF provided TVs and Computers to 5 classrooms, as proposed by the school. With 150 students currently enrolled in the school, this became a huge success.  The project was implemented smoothly as planned. As predicted the student and teacher interactivity improved immensely. Teachers and Parents alike have all appreciated the donation and are currently working

Th. Guraidhoo – Digitalizing 2 Classrooms of Thaa Atoll School

This project was implemented by Th.atoll school PTA. The aim of this project was to digitalize the two class rooms of the school and interact students and teachers with the technological devices and encourage them to create a learning environment where these devices are used. Project work commenced on 1st  June 2015 and completed successfully on 1st  October 2015. On the completion of the project it is expected to see progress in the academic learning. In addition to this, teachers

Th. Guraidhoo – Upgrading Staff Room

  In the aim to provide lessons and conduct classes in accordance to the technological world, Th.atoll school PTA implemented this project with aids received from AFTF. Project was initiated on 1st  June 2015. Within four months, the project was accomplished, as a laser jet printer, binding machine and a scanner was installed in the staff room. Thanks to the availability of these items, administration work, preparing assignments, conducting interesting classes took another level positively. In short, It have been

K. Himmafushi – Digitalizing Classrooms

K.Himmafushi - Digitalizing Classrooms

This project was implemented by himmafushi school PTA, initiated by the project from ministry of education “Go Digital”, and was funded by AFTF under the project. Installation of devices commenced in October 2014 with aim of providing the latest technological devices for the students. The project was completed successfully with the aid of AFTF, with no problems ahead. As planned, 3 classrooms were installed with smart systems. As a result of this, it is known that students and parents as

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