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Th. Kinbidhoo – Establish a Computer Lab

Th. Kinbidhoo - Establishment of a Computer Lab

This project was proposed by Th. Kinbidhoo School PTA, with the aim of creating a modern learning environment to teachers and students alike. The computer lab was built up in such a way that it would grab student’s attention and encourages them to interact with the highly advanced technological methods. Full support from school board and staffs were received when installing the devices donated by AFTF. There are currently 187 students and 43 staff in the school. Programs are being

Th. Kinbidhoo – Safe Drinking Water for Students

This project was implemented after receiving the proposal from Th. Kinbidhoo School PTA, regarding the issue of benign drinking water for students. Providing safe and cool drinking water for students and other locals who visit the school has been one of the main aims that it is funded by AFT. With the financial aid provided by AFTF project work was commenced on  6th April 2015 and with generous help from PTA members and parents. Pipes and a water cooler for

K. Kaashidhoo – Digitalizing School

This project was implemented by Kaashidhoo School PTA with donations received from AFTF. As planned, work was in progress from 13 April 2015 till August 2015. In order to create an interactive learning environment two class rooms were installed with smart interactive learning devices. Main aims of this project have being making teachers more aware about the new teaching techniques and encouraging students to cooperate with it. On the other hand, delay in installing systems due to lack of professional

K. Thulusdhoo – Developing School Adminstration

In order to improve administration of K.Thulusdhoo Preschool, the proposal issued by the school to AFTF was accepted and the project was inaugurated on 1st  April 2015 and successfully concluded on 31st of July 2015. This project was framed in such a way that it would create a better working environment and to create ease to the employees and the teachers when handling the administration work. In addition to this, the aim of providing better education facilities and to offer

L. Maamendhoo – Provision of Pre-School Equipment

L. Maamendhoo - Provision of Pre-School Equipment

This project was carried out after receiving the proposal from the board members of the preschool. The project was officially aided and started on 4th  June 2015. The support and assistance from preschool board members was received in implementing the project within 15 days. The main objective of this project was to provide better learning facilities and to get access to the modern teaching techniques and creating and encouraging a friendly learning environment for students. Fortunately, no difficulties or problems

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