It’s that time of the year again! We have started our donation programme in the atolls which were selected for 2013; AlifAlif (AA) , AlifDhaalu (Adh) , Baa (b) and Lhaviyani (Lh) Atolls.

As we move forward with lessons learnt, in 2013 we revised donation categories to 7 categories:
Education, Sports, Training/courses, Environment, Agriculture, Women’s Activities, Infrastructure & Development and Cultural Activities.

During the proposal submission period allocated for AA.andAdh. Atoll, we received 22 proposals from 8 islands of AA.and 30 proposals from 10 islands of Adh. Atoll. AA. Feridhoo was the only island which did not submit any proposals. Out of the total 52 proposals submitted AFTF selected 30 proposals for donations. Furthermore, from B. and Lh. Atoll, we received 43 proposals from 13 islands of B. and 8 proposals from 4 islands of Lh. Atoll. All islands submitted proposals. Out of 8 proposals submitted AFTF selected 4 proposals for donations. The most beneficial, sustainable well planned proposal was selected from each island. If we categories the selected proposals 40% falls under education category , 25% under sports , 13% under infrastructure& development, 5% under environment, 3% under training/courses, 3% under culture,  1% under Agriculture and remaining under ‘Others’ (proposals which doesn’t fit into one category).

Our first donation kicked off with AA. Himandhoo! We have currently successfully donated items of one selected proposal from AA. Ukulhas and Adh. Mahibadhoo. We have completed donations of AA. Bodufolhudhoo, Adh. Mandhoo, B. Dhonfan and we are on our way of completing the rest!