HA. Thuraakunu – Water & Sewerage System – Opening Ceremony

The Water and Sewerage System of HA. Thuraakunu is a donation for the people of Thuraakunu by Ali Fulhu Thuthu Foundation(AFTF). The Project commenced on the 1st of September 2014 and was completed on 10th September 2015. The Project contract agreement was signed between AFT Foundation and Altec Maldives Private Limited on 09th June 2014.

The inauguration was held on 18th of November 2015, in a colourful ceremony in HA Thuraakunu. The chief guest, Environment Minister Mr. Thoriq Ibrahim, officially inaugurated the project. With the inauguration, Minister also checked the quality of water. Furthermore, the inauguration saw the water & sewerage systems being handed over from AFTF to Fenaka Corporation.

On his Speech, Minister Thoriq applauded the Foundation’s efforts on bringing such a significant initiative into fruition, adding that the government will continually acknowledge such efforts being undertaken by private parties, companies or organizations.
He additionally mentioned that the establishment of the water and sewerage systems in the island opened a wide path for the island’s development.

The Water and Sewerage System of HA. Thuraakunu is by far the most vast and costly project accomplished by AFTF, with total costs over MVR 39 Million.

The island with a population of around 600 people rejoiced and showed their gratitude with heartfelt greetings and verbal appreciation.