L. Fonadhoo – Creative Handicraft and Lacquerware Course

As tourism is being introduced in the southern area of Maldives and to the area where L. Fonadhoo belongs, developing traditional souvenir items has helped to generate income of local communities. Unfortunately, due to lack of facilities and expertise instructions this kind of works has being disappearing since years in the island.

In the aim to build up an effective work force and also to provide employment for the young generation and to enable ways to generate income for the island, AFTF awarded this project to L. Fonadhoo, Womens Enhancement NGO. Furthermore, to revise the cultural activities and to make up a generation that would not hesitate to contribute to develop cultural souvenirs and to overcome social issues in the community has also being among the targets of this programme. Machineries, tools, instructor’s fee/food/accommodation and also other tools required in the training programme were aided by AFTF.

Positive outcomes are expected from the course, such as, trainees getting job opportunities and ways to show their talent. In addition to this, trainees now have the opportunity to market their product to souvenir shops and nearby resorts as a result of the training. Women’s Enhancement NGO is now in dialogue with the six senses laamu resort for marketing their products. Four of the participants have now purchased their own machines and have started to make products and 2 of the participants are planning to get their own machines. The participants are now making products for the national art & craft exhibition. The first, second and third place achievers have been offered to undergo advance training in B. Thulhadhoo Island, which is famous for making lacquerware in Maldives.

For further courses to be conducted, AFTF suggested that the NGO should form a committee and conduct additional courses and train more people to revive the art in the region. Women’s Enhancement will open courses to all the islands in the atoll. The NGO has plans to conduct courses in the school in collaboration with the Vocational Club of the school. Under this program courses will be conducted to interested students to learn the skills to make handicraft and lacquerware.