VTC in carpentry for 10th grade students of Th.Vilufushee School

Level 3 certificate course in carpentry started in April and is on-going in Thaa Atoll Vilufushee School with the funding from AFTF. This project was submitted by the Parent Teachers Association of Th. Atoll Vilufushee School. 15 students of 10th grade are taking part in the course. All equipment and machineries required for the course is donated by AFTF and the instructor is conducting the course free of charge. This is the first batch of the course. The course module includes the following.
1- Work safety in the work place
2- Handle and maintenance of workplace tools and equipment
3- Perform effective workplace communication
4- Prepare estimated for wooden furniture
5- Make furniture using wood based boards
6- Make furniture using solid wood and wood based boards.
7- Finish wood and wood based board furniture
8- Sharpen carpentry tools and maintain relevant hand tools, basic tools and machinery.
Students will attend 3 classes in a week and complete the course in 3 months. School will be conducting the course for 2 batches each year. In each batch 15 students from 10th grade will be participating in the course. The school started this program with the aim that each student completing 10th grade will walk out of school with a level 3 certificate after completing this carpentry course.