Th. Veymandoo – Digitalizing Th. Veymandoo School


This project was proposed by the PTA of Th. Veymandoo School, with ongoing demand for digitalizing schools all around the nation. Ministry of Education has initiated promoting ICT based education in schools. However government does not have the capacity to provide all the modern facilities to all schools. As a result AFTF has long been assisting schools with Smart Education facilities, with Th. Veymandoo School being one of them.

AFTF provided smartboards for 3 classrooms of grade 6,7 & 10. At the moment 19 children from grade 6, 19 from grade 7 & 30 students from grade 10 are actively using the smartboards. However, by the end of their school career, all the students in school would have been part of the smart learning experience.

“The best achievement so far has been the great interactivity between teachers and students” said Misbah Adam – Teacher. Furthermore, Misbah has highlighted the quick improvement in the performance of students. Teachers and parents alike have highly appreciated AFTF’s donation.