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Fencing School Ground – Maahinna PreSchool – Laamu Gan

L. Gan - Boundary Wall for PreSchool (9)

Maahinna Pre-School of Laamu Gan, proposed this project to find a solution for the difficulties face in not having a boundary wall. As the school was exposed to the open road nearby, the students faced imminent danger. AFTF provided the necessary items, while the school carried out the work. Work was fully completed during September 2016. There came a delay with the project as the school later finalized to expand the boundary wall area. Maahinna Pre-School was established in 2009,

Sh. Milandhoo – Installation of Aluminium Doors & Windows in Masjidul Eman

Sh. Milandhoo - Doors & Windows of Mosque (22)

The aim of this project was to find a solution for the difficulties faced due to lack of doors and windows in Masjidul Eman of Sh.Milandhoo. Without any doors and windows, the mosque was exposed to rain and dust from the roads. As a result, Mr. Adam Saeed of Sh. Milandhoo proposed to AFTF for installing aluminium doors & windows in Masjidul Eman. AFTF agreed to partially fund the project and provided the necessary items. The work for the project

HA. Hoarafushi – Construction of Two Storey Building (Rahvehige) Orchid Villa

14102333_1667832626877491_7261750639326985672_n (1)

The two storey building (Orchid Villa) of HA. Hoarafushi is a donation by Ali Fulhu Thuthu Foundation (AFTF) for the people of HA. Hoarafushi. The old community home (Rahvehige) at Orchid Villa was used by the council to provide accommodation to guests, as a way for the council to generate income. However, due to its old age, the need for a new building was immense. AFTF agreed to fund the project after reviewing the propsosal from the Council of Hoarafushi.

HA. Thuraakunu – Water & Sewerage System – Opening Ceremony

Ha. Thuraakunu - Water & Sewerage - Opening Ceremony (12)n

The Water and Sewerage System of HA. Thuraakunu is a donation for the people of Thuraakunu by Ali Fulhu Thuthu Foundation(AFTF). The Project commenced on the 1st of September 2014 and was completed on 10th September 2015. The Project contract agreement was signed between AFT Foundation and Altec Maldives Private Limited on 09th June 2014. The inauguration was held on 18th of November 2015, in a colourful ceremony in HA Thuraakunu. The chief guest, Environment Minister Mr. Thoriq Ibrahim, officially

Th. Gaadhiffushi – Construction of Cemetery Boundary Wall

Th Gaadhiffushi - Boundary Wall of Cemetery (6)

  This project was implemented by Gaadhiffushi Women Development Committee(GWDC) with donations from AFTF. GWDC proposed the project as the boundary wall of the cemetery was severely damaged. AFTF provided all the necessary items for the project. work was carried out and completed by the council with assistance from the community. GWDC have furthermore built the “hinavaage”(funeral home) with remaining items from the boundary wall. The project was completed within 5 months. The council has thanked AFTF on behalf of the

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